In 2013, a large private residence, featuring an impressive entrance hall with glass stair railings and landing balustrade, was completed near Dortmund, Germany. Although it is a city of 580,000 people situated in the Ruhr industrial area, Dortmund is nevertheless surrounded by leafy tracts of land. The construction took place in these beautiful surroundings.

About the project
With its large glazed areas and opulent materials, the house exudes luxury and style. Eye-catching external features include a graceful projecting balcony and bold floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior is no less striking. In the 2-storey entrance hall, a sense of light and space is created by marble flooring and light colours. The curved stair railing and elegant landing balustrade, which consist almost entirely of glass, contribute to the effect while adding a grace and modernity of their own.

From early in the project, a glass stair railing and landing balustrade were considered indispensable parts of the feature entrance hall. The client felt strongly that the railing system selected for the job would have to be highly adaptable in order to cope with major structural challenges. The curved staircase, for example, would require a glass railing with a custom bend.

Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim system ticked all the boxes. Its minimalist, high-transparency look suited the vision of the designers, and, on a technical level, it had been designed to cope with complex bending requirements. Project installer Hesta GmbH was able to shape the base shoes and handrails with extreme accuracy. During installation, the railing and balustrade also proved easy to manoeuvre on site. The Easy Glass Slim system is truly unique in the market.

In total, more than 30 metres of glass stair railing and landing balustrade were installed in the entrance hall and on the outdoor balcony. Handrail was added in the form of a mirror-polished cap rail.



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