Country Spain
City Getaria
Architect Ignacio Ameztoi
Installer Sasmak Belartza
Railing type Glass railings
Line/Series Easy Glass Pro
Application Terraces, Balconies
Metres installed 65





Ameztoi is one of the leading producers of txakoli (or chacolí) – a wine typical of the Basque Country. This family-run business owns more than 20 hectares of vines at a superb location on the Bay of Biscay. Taking full advantage of this spectacular setting, Ameztoi created a terrace on the upper level of their winery building. Q-railing’s Easy Glass Pro all-glass balustrade, installed during a renovation, protects and completes this impressive space. The minimalist structure of the new terrace railing provides breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards and seascape.

Inaxio Ameztoi’s family has been making chacoli in Getaria for five generations. Over the centuries, the process of creating this delightful sparkling wine has been honed to perfection. Once it has fermented, it is sealed to retain the fizz. It is then chilled to around 0 degrees Celsius before being bottled.

The Ameztoi winery reflects local history and culture. The 2-storey cider house was built in the traditional Basque style using a plethora of natural stone types. When the building was updated, large glazed areas were added. They make a fascinating modern contrast with the older elements and provide views of the spectacular surroundings.

In 2017, the winery carried out significant renovations, which involved refurbishing the cider house. As part of its modernisation, the large outdoor terrace was resurfaced with anthracite-grey tiles. In addition, its white-coloured fencing was demolished, to be replaced by a high-grade, all-glass terrace railing.

A frameless terrace railing

Maximum transparency was one of the key requirements for the new terrace railing. Q-railing rose to the challenge, providing the architects with an elegant, ultra-minimalist solution. Easy Glass Pro is the system that was recommended. In the case of Ameztoi Txakoli this all-glass railing system was used in combination with tempered Q-glass from Q-railing. This offered maximum strength and safety, as well as transparency.

Another factor that made Easy Glass Pro eminently suitable is the ease with which it can be installed. This is due to the ingenious Safety Wedge System that it incorporates. The speed and simplicity of the process greatly benefited the project installer, Sasmak Belartza, as they top-mounted a total of 65 metres of Q-railing’s Easy Glass Pro terrace railing.

Sasmak Belartza


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