Country United Kingdom
City Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Architect MDG Architects
Installer Revival Developments
Railing type Glass railings
Line/Series Easy Glass Pro
Application Mezzanine
Metres 845






In 2017, Cotswold Motor Group, a combined dealership for BMW and Mini, moved into its purpose built new premises in Cheltenham. The internal space extends over 4 floors and can accommodate around 64 vehicles. MDG Architects wanted to ensure that the stock was highly visible, both from outside the building and from all points inside it. To help achieve this, they specified Q-railing’s Easy Glass Pro system for frameless glass railings both inside and outside the building.

The process of selling cars begins when passers-by see the building. It is an eyecatching structure with 4 floors. The upper floors appear weightless, being supported by slender pillars, while the building envelope is largely glass. This is not just intended to look attractive, but also to give potential visitors a good view of the stock inside. The terraces that wrap around the exterior are surrounded with similarly high-transparency balustrades.

Frameless glass railings brighten the day
In the large open space of the building, every effort has been made to create a welcoming and inspiring environment. There are 3 separate cafés, for example, and the display areas are arranged around a central atrium. This encourages visual exploration of the stock from any point. Importantly, the raised interior areas protected by frameless glass railings. This not only ensures that the displayed vehicles can be seen from all around the building, but also admits natural light to brighten the whole area. As visitors explore the range on foot, the robust atrium balustrades ensure a high degree of safety.

Easy Glass Pro
Revival Developments created both the exterior and interior railings using our Easy Glass Pro system. It offers the ability to create large spans of nearly invisible glass railing while providing in excess of the required safety. Different locations called for either top-mount or F-mount variants with offset fixing. The structural glass infills consist of 15 or 19 mm thick toughened glass depending on the specific loading requirements. In total, 845 metres of frameless glass railing were installed, all with a 48.3 mm cap rail.

United Kingdom
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
MDG Architects / Revival Developments


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