Country Netherlands
Location The Hague
Architect B3 Bouwadviseurs
Installer Glascentrale Midden Holland
Railing type Glass railings
Line/Series Easy Glass Pro
Application Balconies
Metres installed 315






Like so many others, the Dutch economy endured a recession a few years ago. However, that actually increased the demand for residential properties in the country’s larger cities. With every square metre being expensive and hard to find, real estate investors and developers came up with a creative solution that was about more than just saving money. It also helped the cities get rid of its many vacant office properties, converting more and more of those office buildings into residential apartments. The De Prins property in The Hague is one such project. Glass balconies were used to create a modern, open feel for its upscale apartments, all balconies and the roof-top terrace were enhanced with our Easy Glass Pro glass railing system.

The challenge was to devise a way to convert the De Prins building – named as such for the Dutch word for Prince. This structure was a generic office building, renovated into upscale apartments truly befitting of royalty, that also does justice to the city vibe. Gemini Development from Wassenaar obtained the property in 2014 and took on this endeavour. They completely renovated the exterior and converted the interior into 14 different apartments varying from 62 up to 223 square metres, including a stunning 333 square metre penthouse on top. 

Glass balconies connecting indoors and outdoors
All apartments and the penthouse are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows and, compared to many other city centre properties, feature generous outdoor spaces. For project architect B3 Bouwadviseurs it was an absolute necessity to create a seamless harmony between the indoors and outdoors, and to continue the interior open plan onto the balconies and terrace. With these designs in mind, they immediately set their sights on glass balconies.

Our Easy Glass Pro met all the requirements of the architects and contractor Aannemersbedrijf Batenburg B.V. They made sure to let us know that they had great faith in our extensive expertise. Installer Glascentrale Midden Holland installed 315 metres of glass balustrades and used the top as well as fascia mounted version of the base shoe. All went smoothly thanks to Easy Glass Pro’s clever system, specifically designed for easy installation from inside the balcony and for convenient glass panel alignment. No scaffolding, bolts or special tools were required.

Even better than expected
The architects, engineers, installers, but also the residents, couldn’t be any happier with the end result. The Pro glass balconies are highly secure and turned out exactly as the designers had in mind. In fact, the outdoor spaces appear even more spacious than anticipated, something that the residents enjoy each and every day. They get to experience first-class urban living, are surrounded by modern comforts and on top of that get to admire the gorgeous views of The Hague over and over again.

The Hague
B3 Bouwadviseurs / Glascentrale Midden Holland


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