Country: Germany
Location: Herdecke 
Railing type: Glass railings 
Line/Series: Easy Glass View
  Easy Glass Smart
Application: Juliet balconies
Metres installed: 190

Glass balustrades
and Juliet balconies are as popular as ever – an architectural element you encounter frequently. This is certainly the case throughout the impressive new residential area in Herdecke, Germany. Two of our railing systems were used in one of the modern apartment buildings there: Easy Glass View, a Juliet balcony that offers a remarkably unobstructed view, and Easy Glass Smart, a glass railing equipped with the unique Q-disc system for incredibly easy installation of glass components.

When you look at the apartment building in Herdecke, its bold, straightforward shapes are what you notice first. The dark-coloured windows create a strong contrast with the expanse of the façade. The glass balustrades of each balcony and Juliet balcony are in perfect harmony with the architecture: impressive for the transparency they offer, they skilfully avoid distracting from the visual elements of the building.

Balcony railings and Juliet balconies of glass
The generous use of glass is no coincidence. The customer wanted a glass balustrade solution that maximises their view and at the same time gives the interior a feeling of openness. Further requirements were that the system selected should be particularly easy to install and that a harmonious overall impression should be created. Based on these criteria, Achim Zelißen, Area Sales Manager at Q-railing, recommended a combination of Easy Glass View and Easy Glass Smart to the home owners and the contractor.

Maximum fall protection for windows
To ensure an excellent view and maximum security for the windows, the customer requested a sturdy glass Juliet balcony. Easy Glass View offered the perfect solution. Thanks to the minimalist profiles that secure the glass infill, the view is not obstructed in any way. Another key feature: the Juliet balcony has a profile that can accommodate three different installation situations. This was a decisive factor, since the customer planned to mount it directly in the window reveals, on brackets. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, this was easily done, while the click system of the View profile also simplified the installation of the glass panes.

Glass balustrades that allow for ultra-fast glass mounting
Other areas of importance were the balconies and the roof terrace of the building. Here too, the requirement was all about transparency, security and ease of mounting. It did not take much deliberation to decide on Easy Glass Smart, a glass railing system that is so easy to work with it sets new standards for speed of installation.

It is the Q-disc system that makes for such rapid installation of the glass elements with this railing of glass. A combination of special base shoe inlays and discs holds all the glass elements securely in place and makes this clamping mechanism unique in the market. As a result, installing each of the glass balustrades at the Herdecker residential building took up a minimum of time, and the result was an unobstructed view from the balconies and roof terrace.

Zelißen looks back on the project with great satisfaction: ‘The combination of Easy Glass View for the Juliet balconies and Easy Glass Smart for all the other balconies was the ideal solution to implement the customer's individual wishes. Easy mounting, maximum safety and transparent design all worked together. Another advantage is the fact that the building receives plenty of daylight thanks to the many glass elements.’




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