With sweeping views of the coast, Fairhaven’s pole house has been a local landmark and one of Australia’s most iconic homes since it was built in 1978. Five years ago the owners Kathi and Raymond Adams, together with F2 Architecture’s Franco Fiorentini, embarked on giving the house a sleek and stylish facelift, utilising aesthetic materials and innovative techniques to match and surpass the original architecture.

The new building now features brand new interiors, with floor to ceiling retracting glass walls to take full advantage of the vistas. The Bathroom and supporting steel pole is concealed in a feature wall clad with warm burnt ash timber. Outside, the famous walkway has also been transformed with glass balustrades, giving visitors a sense of walking on air.

Q-railing was specified for its Easy Glass Slim fascia mount base channel system in which was fitted 12mm glass). The balustrade was then finished with a 42.4mm diameter 316 mirror polished cap rail that sits directly on top of the glass in a rubber gasket.

The owners chose the Easy Glass Slim fascia mount system as it provided the best possible solution for providing a totally frameless appearance, whilst the depth of the channel was ideally sized to match the already existing walkways structural depth. The totally frameless balustrade allows unobstructed views of the weeping coastline.

The Easy Glass Slim fascia mount system has a light to medium loading capacity, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In this instance, the overall system was finished off with a stainless steel cap rail which acted as a handrail along the walkway and provided the perfect balcony for a seamless view. Easy Glass Slim’s components are intended to be almost unnoticeable, so creating elegant, sweeping sheets of glass.

This attention to design is end-to end, not forgetting the valued testing that the system has been put through. Certification is very important in a building such as the Pole House. The extreme nature of the location not only lends itself to high coastal winds but also to corrosion due to its marine environment.

Easy Glass Slim is an anodised aluminium channel, which gives better resistance to corrosion than more conventional Mild Steel options. Most importantly the system has been tested in accordance with relevant country codes to ensure that the balustrade will give adequate fall protection for a variety of different building types.

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