Art Deco glamour

The Portals Hills Boutique Hotel, in Mallorca, was the location for an award-winning refurbishment and expansion by ICAZAR Architects. It is a perfect example of the chic Art Deco style that is so typical of Miami’s South Beach. As a condominium hotel, refurbished to American standards, the Portals Hills is a first for Europe. It consists of 29 condos and 2 penthouses. As part of the project, developers Finest Selection Group increased the size of the hotel by 30 percent. It now includes a stand-alone restaurant linked to the rest of the building by an expanded bar and pool area.

Visitors are immediately struck by the hotel’s flawless white façade and soft, rounded corners. Passing through the grand entrance, with its gilded finish, you know you are arriving at a highly select and stylish destination. A sweeping white staircase completes the atmosphere of Art Deco glamour – Miami-style.

About the project
With floor-to-ceiling glazing, extensive balcony and terrace areas overlooking the Mediterranean and a new infinity pool, balustrades were a key design element. The architects initially proposed a glass balustrade solution both for the outdoor and indoor areas. However, for the outdoor balconies and pool area, as well as certain indoor spaces, the client requested a balustrade design that provided not just transparency, but also an ornamental appearance.

Q-railing‘s design input was crucial. As architect Ando W. Schirmer explains, 'Q-railing was extremely helpful in intense discussions with the client to find a balustrade solution that would fit their vision. The resulting Q-line balustrade system ultimately comprises 316-grade stainless steel posts and handrails with delicate steel bar infill running horizontally. For some parts, even curved bars were installed. Q-railing were able to ensure that, in addition to quality design and professional installation by Calvia Balear, their balustrade systems could be passed by the local authorities and, in this case, authorities from Madrid.'

Ando W. Schirmer/Calvia Balear

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