Curved glass balustrades for an impressive atrium


Country Norway
City Stavanger
Architect Helen & Hard, SAAHA
Installer Trappeteknikk AS
Railing type Glass railings
Line/Series Easy Glass Slim
  Easy Glass Pro
Application Mezzanine
Metres 500

By the end of 2019, the new SpareBank 1 SR-Bank headquarters at Finansparken Bjergsted in Stavanger, Norway, will be ready. It is a truly unique project as one of Europe’s largest commercial examples of timber-frame architecture. The design includes an impressive atrium with curved wooden stairways, which will be enhanced by our Easy Glass Slim and Easy Glass Pro glass balustrades.

SpareBank 1 was looking for a way to accommodate all of its 600 Stavanger employees at a single location and to significantly reduce the energy consumption and maintenance costs of its premises. The preferred solution was to create a new building at Stavanger’s attractive Finansparken Bjergsted – an impressive structure covering no less than 23,000 square metres over 7 floors, with a completion date at the end of 2019.

Timber-framed construction
Norwegian architectural firms Helen & Hard and SAAHA were engaged to create the design for the Finansparken Bjergsted premises. It was decided that wood should predominate. In fact, the entire load-bearing structure has been skilfully constructed from this traditional material. Moreover, no bolts, screws or nails have been used in the wooden joints. In combination with ceiling-high glass façades and transparent partition walls, this creates a spacious, open and typically Scandinavian feel.

Glass balustrades
In the large atrium, arched wooden stairways provide a truly eye-catching feature. Further exploring the combination of wood and glass, the architects chose to enhance the stairs with glass balustrades. To deliver this aspect of the project, contractor Veidekke contacted Trappeteknikk AS, a local firm of stair and balustrade specialists who work closely with Q-railing Norge. The design called for 375 metres of our Easy Glass Pro glass railing system and 125 metres of Easy Glass Slim glass railing on the stairs and adjacent galleries. Top-mounted base shoes were specified, 50 metres of which we have given custom 2D and 3D bends.

Helen & Hard, SAAHA/ Trappeteknikk AS


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