The TT circuit in Assen is a renowned Dutch motorsport venue. Its 4.5 km track has long been famous as the setting for the Motul TT. But with a major upgrade ongoing, the circuit is about to enter a new phase of its existence. This ambitious project will cost 16 million euro, and is due to complete in 2021. New features such as digital cameras and wireless payment systems are being added. There will also be improvements to existing facilities such as the grandstand, other spectator areas, roads around the stands, parking, provision for the disabled and catering.

Improved grandstand
The improvements to the Haarbocht grandstand, which sits close to the start/finish line and the first corner of the track, were finished in 2017. The first step was the dismantling of the old stand. That was followed by the construction of a custom-made steel and concrete structure, which is 18 metres high and considerably longer than its predecessor, at around 350 metres. The stand can now accommodate 10,000 spectators and holds a VIP area at its top. The area commands outstanding track views from all points, but especially from the outdoor deck. The deck benefits from a glass safety barrier, created using the Easy Glass Max glass balustrade system. Its minimalist structure keeps all the action in view while maintaining absolute safety.

Balustrade system on a tight schedule
Although the client and their architects, LG architecten, set a tight schedule for construction of the barrier, Q-railing and the designated installer, Ensel Staalkonstrukties, were confident of their ability to deliver. Together, they proposed the Easy Glass Max balustrade system. It was an obvious fit for the project, since it is designed specifically for public areas that are intensively used. Agreeing that the system ticked all the boxes, including quality, design and ease of installation, the client accepted the proposal.

Overall, the Ensel team installed 175 metres of Easy Glass Max around the fascia of the VIP deck. The lightweight aluminium base shoes were easy to position and secure in place. They also allowed the glass to be mounted rapidly and without difficulty. As planned, the safety barrier was ready for the 87th TT race in June 2017.


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