Ultra-small tolerances and perfect curves

With 7 branch offices, 9 service centres and more than 150 employees, Volksbank Kleverland is one of the largest financial institutions in and around Kleve, north-west Germany. Prior to the project, the bank had been spread over 2 locations: a service branch at the old “Fischmarkt” square, and an administrative office in a neighbouring street. However, neither building now met the requirements of modern banking, and neither had sufficient space to accommodate the growing customer base of Volksbank Kleverland. Plans were developed to build a new customer centre in the heart of the city and to unite the consultancy and administrative functions within a single, spacious building. The €11 million project was started in 2015, and in just 18 months, a multifunctional, state-of-the-art bank had been built, perfectly blending in with the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

About the project
Volksbank Kleverland’s new customer centre is an eye-catching architectural masterpiece that makes use of glass, steel and marble, as well as a sand-coloured clinker for the façade. Architects Ader & Kleemann chose these materials in order to create a modern look with references to Kleve’s classicist tradition. The four-storey building has a large, bright foyer and counters for private clients on the ground floor. The floors above are occupied by offices, with a terrace on the roof.

The decision to incorporate Q-railing solutions into the design was made early on, thanks to the company’s close relationship with both the architect and the installer on the project. The interior forms of the building presented serious challenges. They consisted of curved and tapering shapes. This required bendable railings and a flexible solution for alignment of the glass infills. A combination of Easy Glass Slim and Easy Glass Pro was the perfect fit. The base shoes of both systems had previously shown that they were highly bendable. In fact, Easy Glass Slim had been installed with a bend radius of less than 500 mm, which is unique in the market. In total, more than 130 metres of balustrade, with both straight and curved cap rails, was installed on the upper floors and stairways.   

Ader & Kleemann Architekten / Flinterhoff Metallbau


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