Country Switzerland
City Schlieren
Architect Tilla Theus
Installer Rettich Metallbau
Railing type Glass railings
Line/Series Easy Glass Slim
Application Mezzanine
Metres installed 100






In 2012, two new car dealerships were built in Schlieren, Switzerland: the biggest Porsche centre in Switzerland and a state-of-the-art VW centre. The AMAG Group commissioned no less than star architect Tilla Theus, who is based in Zurich and specialises in the planning and execution of new buildings in the demanding urban context, to design the elegant buildings. In addition to the large glass entrance facade at the VW centre, our Easy Glass Slim glass balustrade ensures maximum light transmission and optimal transparency - and therefore an atmosphere in which every customer feels comfortable.

The AMAG Group is a corporate group active in automotive retail that is headquartered in Zurich and has more than 5,500 employees. In order to strengthen their brand presence, the company decided in 2011 to invest 45 million Swiss francs in the construction of the new car dealerships. On a 4,000 m2 site in nearby Schlieren, 2 exceptional buildings in a specific architectural style were built with in the shortest period of time.

Maximum use of daylight
While the Porsche dealership has a curved facade, the VW building is rectangular in shape with a large glass front. The latter ensures that the 535 m2 showroom is flooded with plenty of natural light. In the interior, the use of white marble tiles and light parquet contributes significantly to the open and spacious atmosphere. The main staircase also plays a central role, because it not only provides the link between the showroom and the offices on the upper floor but also maximises the tight transmission by using a highly transparent glass balustrade.

Easy Glass Slim glass balustrade
The concept by the renowned architect Tilla Theus envisioned robust and transparent glass railings that would encase the entire staircase and act as fall protection on the upper floor - an idea that was immediately met with great enthusiasm at AMAG. In close cooperation, both parties opted for a stair railing solution from Q-railing. After discussing the requirements, it was clear to the railing specialists that the Easy Glass Slim glass balustrade was the ideal choice for the car dealership.

Slim is a frameless glass balustrade that combines modern design, high transparency and maximum safety, because the glass railing system can withstand linear loads of up to 1 kN/m. In addition to this, Easy Glass Slim features the sophisticated Safety Wedge glass clamping mechanism, which makes installation a child's play.

Highly transparent white glass infill
In order to meet the client's requirements for maximum brightness and transparency, we also recommended the use of a low-iron glass infill. This is extra clear glass that offers particularly high light transmission. In addition, the low-iron glass creates an elegant look that reflects the quality standards of the AMAG Group.

Rettich Metalbau was commissioned to carry out the installation. In total, the installation firm installed more than 100 metres of the Easy Glass Slim glass balustrade including rectangular glass tubes in anthracite grey. 

Tilla Theus / Rettich Metallbau


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