This stainless-steel hoop barrier is an effective and stylish way to bring safety and organisation to high-traffic areas. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and its applications are diverse.

Use Barrier Line as street furniture, for instance to direct people through public spaces, or for partitioning pedestrian and cycle paths or securing protected areas. It is also suited for creating pedestrian routes for extra safety in shopping centres or near schools. Or use it to demarcate car-free zones in indoor parking garages or exterior car parks or to prevent theft around car dealer sites. Also do not forget the possibilities of Barrier Line as a guiderail. The robust hoop barrier system is particularly suitable to stall and secure bicycles, or to create trolley bays in commercial areas.

Barrier Line’s hoop barriers are fabricated from 316-grade stainless steel, but are highly affordable. There are two versions: with or without a mid-rail. With this system you choose for a sustainable and smart solution.

The system is fully pre-assembled you do not need to weld, screw or glue this hoop barrier - simply core drill a hole and fix directly into the concrete.

Designed for:   Light to medium use 
Use:   Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for:   In-floor mounting
Applications:   Demarcation and guidance
Material:   316-grade stainless steel
Diameter:   48,3 mm
Width:   900 + 1200 mm
Features:   ■ Pre-fab and ready to install
    ■ Highly affordable
    ■ No welding, screwing or gluing required
    ■ With or without mid-rail

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