Easy Glass Air


Would you like to create a glass balustrade to make an architectural statement? If so, Easy Glass Air is perfect for you. The base glass clamp features a state-of-the-art, light and airy design characterised by its geometric form. Due to the open design of the base glass clamp, the glass panels seem to float. With a straightforward elegance and a concept ensuring maximum transparency, Easy Glass Air is a glass balustrade that will definitely set your project apart.

Make a design statement

The Easy Glass Air base glass clamp and its matching glass connectors use clean and sharp forms to elegant effect. They also benefit from attractive design features, including satin-brushed details and a premium finish on their the high-grade stainless steel, achieved using glass-bead blasting. The unique and pure geometric form makes the system a true eye-catcher, setting a new trend for iconic elements enhancing the interior of private residences and light commercial builds.

Designed for:   Light to medium use
Use:   Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for:   Top mounting 
Applications:   Balustrades

  Glass-bead-blasted stainless steel with satin-brushed details
Infill:   Glass
Glass thickness:   15 to 21.52 mm
Top finish:   Edge protection, handrail 60x20


Top glass connector with the same unique design
Additional handrail adapter and end caps available
No visible screws to distract the eye
Base glass clamp can be halved for end solutions
Installation work all takes place inside the glass balustrade
Resists line loads of up to 1 kN/m


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