Are you looking for a high-grade balcony railing to go on top of low parapet walls? If so, Q-raining has the perfect solution. The Easy Glass Up system combines maximum transparency, proven safety and ease of assembly. Its slimline base shoes provide an almost-invisible mounting for glass infills, giving you unobstructed views.

With Easy Glass Up, aesthetics and safety go hand in hand. The system has undergone extensive testing and received multiple safety and quality marks. As a result, you can confidently use Up in settings such as apartment balconies, roof terraces and penthouses.

Easy Glass Up features two base shoe variants – one for top and one for fascia mounting – with matching corner solutions and end caps. Thanks to the ingenious Safety Wedge system, installation of the glass infills could not be easier. It lets you mount balcony railings from inside parapet walls, with no need for assembly stands or scaffolding.

Designed for: Light and medium use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for: Top, in-floor and fascia mounting
Applications: Balustrades for parapet walls
Material: Aluminium (mill finish or brushed anodised)
Infill: Glass (up to 800 mm high)
Glass thickness: 12 to 17.52 mm
Top finish: Cap rail, u-profile or Edge Protection 
Features: ■ Near-invisible balcony railings thanks to a slimline base shoe 
  ■ Quick and easy installation without scaffolding
  ■ Safety Wedge system for rapid installation of glass panels
  ■ Custom-bent profiles on request
  ■ Additional LED lighting using Q-lights Linear Light for atmosphere and safety




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