Easy Glass Pro is unique in having base shoes that let you fine-tune the positioning of each glass panel from inside the balustrade. No bolts, screw tightening, scaffolding or special tools required. That, together with the Safety Wedge glass-mounting solution, makes installation incredibly easy and cost-effective.

Choose from 5 different Easy Glass Pro base shoes – 2 for top mounting and 3 for fascia mounting. That includes an F-shaped base shoe specially designed so it can even be top mounted directly onto or even beyond the edge of a balcony floor. There is also a Y-shaped base shoe that lets you fascia mount the balustrade onto concrete slabs without leaving the sides of the screed floor exposed. Then there is the Inverse option, for fascia mounting onto the inside of parapet walls around balconies.

So you see, Easy Glass Pro can cope with even the most challenging construction situations.

Designed for: Medium use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Varieties: Top, in-floor and fascia mount
Application: Stairs and balustrades
Material: Aluminium with stainless steel effect
Infill:  Glass
Glass thickness: 12 - 21.52 mm
Features: ■ Fewer anchors required, and no need for countersunk anchors
  ■ Glass panels adjustable in every direction by up to 10 mm – from inside the balustrade
  ■ Five base shoes available (2 top mount, 3 fascia mount)
  ■ Q-lights Linear Light LED strips and cladding available for the standard top mount base shoe
  ■ Connection pins included – for easy alignment and connection of individual base shoe units
  ■ Integrated water drainage
■ Complete your desired look by choosing from a range of handrails and cap rails in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes

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