d line Spigot Fixing Glass Link


If you are a fan of the d line Spigot Fixing system but would prefer a more eye-catching glass holder, go for the d line Spigot Fixing Glass Link system. Its spider-like glass adapter will give your baluster railings plenty of character. This system can be used for even the most challenging directional changes, for example in stairwells. Simply attach the Glass Link to the baluster posts and rotate it to contact the glass. The individual modules adapt to any site without aesthetic compromise.

Designed for: Heavy use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Varieties: In-floor mount
Application: Stairs and balustrades
Material: 316 quality stainless steel
Infill: Glass
Glass thickness: 10 – 25.52 mm
Features: ■  No welding or on-site fabrication required
  ■  Balusters available in 1,200 and 1,400 mm heights and as intermediate or end posts
  ■  Suitable for even the most challenging construction situations
  ■  Complete your desired look with an elegant d line handrail

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