Easy Glass Prime most certainly lives up to its name. The glass balustrade system is top for ease of installation and glass alignment. That is mostly thanks to the small but revolutionary invention in its base channel, called the Q-disc System. This so significantly simplifies the installation and alignment of glass infill, that it got awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The adjustable Q-disc System used for Easy Glass Prime is suitable for glass all the way up to 25.52 mm thick, so you will have no problem at all creating glass railings for stairs or balconies that require more sturdiness.

It is all in the base shoe

The Easy Glass Prime glass balustrade is available with 2 different types of base channel for top mounting and 2 different types for fascia mounting. These include F and Y-shaped solutions that you can install at or beyond the edge of a surface. All work with the adjustable Q-disc System, which is suitable for glass thicknesses of 16.76 mm to 25.52 mm. The clever combination of an inlay and disc let you safely secure each glass panel. But the revolutionary system also allows you to realign each individual glass panel by up to 1.2 degrees from the vertical. All it takes to carry out alignment is a ‘slide and turn’ motion with the Q-tool.

Q-disc system adjustable

If you are looking for a balustrade system that can be installed with thinner glass and if you don’t need glass alignment at all, use our Easy Glass Smart. You can order this glass balustrade a fixed, non-alignable Q-disc System suitable for glass thicknesses of 12 to 21.52 mm.

Additional convenience

The Q-disc System is not the only convenient feature that the Easy Glass Prime glass railing system offers. For example, the drill holes in the base shoes have tolerances that make it easier to carry out installation on uneven floors. In addition, you have a broad choice of possible anchors for fixing the base shoes to the floor. Moreover, the design uses markings and a clicking sound to signal correct installation. And finally, you can do all the installation work from the inner side of the balcony railing – there is no need for scaffolding.

In addition, you can use the glass guide to install large glass panels more easily. This installation aid helps you to insert the glass into the base shoes - without the glass tilting or the inlay shifting.

Glass balustrade trims

For a more seamless connection between Easy Glass Prime base shoes and adjacent flooring or cladding, you can add Easy Glass trims. These aluminium profiles are available for various mounting situations. Simply attach them to the base shoe’s upper edge – on both the outside and inside of the railing. The special trim rubbers enable hassle-free installation as they are designed to hold the trims in place while you install the flooring and the glass, but they can also be used as a spacer between individual glass panels.

The widest Juliet balconies out there

Did you know that Prime can also be used to create a Juliet balcony? When combining regular balconies with Juliets on the facade, this is a perfect solution for ensuring that they match. Moreover the base channel allows you to plan wider Juliet balconies than most of the alternative systems. 

Glass railing with LED

If you want your glass balustrade to stand out more or if you want to turn it into a true safety feature, add an LED-lit cap rail or handrail to it. In our Q-lights range, you will find solutions for handrails with spotlights (Q-lights Spotlight) and handrails or cap rails with linear LED strips (Q-lights Linear Light).

Designed for:   Medium use
Use:   Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for:   Top and fascia mounting
Applications:   Stairs, balustrades, juliet balconies
Material:   Brushed anodised or mill-finished aluminium
Infill:   Glass
Glass thickness:   16.76 – 25.52 mm
Top finish:   All Q-railing glass-mounted handrails, cap rails, U-profiles and edge
Features: Symmetrical top-mount base shoe
  F and Y-shaped base shoes for unfinished floors and for installing at or beyond the edge of a surface
  Minimal use of anchors in base shoe installation
  A choice of base shoe fixing methods (mechanical anchors, stud anchors and cost-effective alternatives)
  Optional cladding and shoe shims for levelling uneven surfaces
  Unique adjustable Q-disc System for glass realignment by up to 1.2 degrees from the vertical
Certificate details available below; detailed testing reports and calculations available on request



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