Easy Glass Protect


The Easy Glass Protect system is first choice for safety wherever large numbers of people gather. This highly specialised glass railing was specifically designed to offer maximum protection in the event of an explosion. It includes an ingenious wedge system for securing the glass to the base shoe, which allows easy and adjustable glass aligning. Even under extreme forces, the glass panels will be held in place, affording a high degree of protection to people in the vicinity of the blast. The connection between the cap rail and the base shoe, located between the glass panels, is almost invisible, but is designed to prevent the cap rail from being thrown off during an impact or explosion.

Speed of installation is a very important factor when selecting a balustrade. Easy Glass Protect offers huge time savings during construction thanks to its dry Safety Wedge system. The same technology makes replacement of panels quick and convenient, if it is ever necessary. No bolts, no wet cement and no special tools are required. As a result, your costs will be lower, and your client will experience far less disruption.

Easy Glass Protect has undergone extensive testing. Working with specialist consultants, Q-railing commissioned an independent programme of explosion tests, and the system was declared ASIAD compliant (Aviation Security In Airport Development).

Features: ■ An ingenious cap rail attachment that ensures integrity of the product.
  ■ A dry Safety Wedge system that makes for easy installation or replacement of glass panels.
  ■ Extensively tested.
  ■ ASIAD compliant (Aviation Security In Airport Development).
  ■ Time-efficient installation without bolts, wet cement or special tools.

To learn more about Easy Glass Protect and what Q-railing’s specialists can bring to your project, feel free to contact us.


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