Easy Glass Hybrid


With aluminium base shoes that are practically invisible (just 43 mm high), and a very attractive price tag, Easy Glass Hybrid proves the old saying that less is more.

You have a choice of 2 different mounting solutions: you can install Easy Glass Hybrid as a full glass balustrade or, alternatively, as an eye-catching baluster railing. With the larger of the 2 cap rails, you can create a baluster-free glass balustrade spanning up to 3 m. If you need a longer balustrade, simply add the slender balusters.

The aluminium base shoes and cap rails can be ordered with a matt silver look or in a raw version. Balusters and fittings are available in silver-grey powder-coated steel.


Designed for: Light to medium use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Varieties: Top and fascia mount
Applications: Balustrades
Material: Aluminium and powder-coated steel
Infill: Glass
Glass thickness: 8 - 13.52 mm
Features: ■Lightweight aluminium base shoe, mountable with or without balusters
  ■ Able to absorb line loads of up to 0.5 kN/m when mounted between 2 walls or with balusters every 3 m

■ No anchors needed, as plugs and screws will do the job

  ■ Comes with Safety Inlays for easy glass installation
  ■ Integrated water drainage
  ■ Cap rails and balusters available in various sizes

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