Easy Glass Smart

Set a speed record

Easy Glass Smart ushers in a glass balustrade revolution. With a host of innovative features, this system lets you carry out installation or removal in a quick, intuitive and controlled fashion. In fact, your jobs can be finished faster than with any other glass balustrade. This is just one way this highly economical system will save you money.

With Easy Glass Smart, complicated anchoring systems are a thing of the past, as this glass balustrade lets you choose from a range of fixing methods for mounting its base shoe. This further allows the use of cost-effective anchors. When installed, the base shoe is sure to let you set a glass mounting speed record.

Securing glass with the Q-disc System

The Q-disc System provides the quickest way ever to secure glass panels in a glass balustrade. The combination of a special inlay and the Q-disc inserted in the base shoe safely holds each individual glass panel in place. This clamping mechanism is entirely unique in the market.

Designed for:   Light and medium use
Use:   Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for:   Top, in-floor and fascia mounting
Applications:   Stairs and balustrades
Material:   Brushed or mill-finished aluminium
Infill:   Glass
Glass thickness:   12 to 21.52 mm
Top finish:   Cap rail, U-profile or edge protection


Symmetrical top-mount base shoe that also allows for inverse mounting
Minimal use of anchors in base shoe installation
Easy base shoe installation with a choice of fixing methods (hexagon bolts, mechanical anchors or stud anchors, and cost-effective anchor options)
Optional aluminium shoe shims available for levelling uneven surfaces
Incredibly simple glass mounting with ground-breaking Q-disc System and Q-disc tool
Resists line loads of up to 0.74 kN/m


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