Country United Kingdom
City Newcastle-under-Lyme
Installer Tri-Dev
Railing type Glass railings
Line/Series Easy Glass 3kN
Application Landings
Metres 120

Newcastle-under-Lyme School is an independent day school for pupils aged 3 to 18 in Staffordshire, England. In September 2014, a £3.6 million renovation of the school buildings was completed. It included a new library, enhanced social space and a modernised atrium. To meet stringent building safety regulations, the architect opted to use Q-railing’s ultra-robust Easy Glass 3kN glass stair railing. This glass balustrade not only provides ultimate safety, but also creates a sense of light and space in the public area.

Newcastle-under-Lyme School is located in a tranquil conservation area near the centre of town. It offers a pleasant environment for pupils and teachers, with grounds extending over 30 acres. Renowned for its high standards, especially in sport, music and drama, the school has exceptional facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, an art and design centre and two libraries. In addition, a large sports centre and 25-metre indoor pool have contributed to sporting success. Born from a merger in 1981, Newcastle-under-Lyme School inherited buildings with a highly traditional appearance. But these have been steadily enhanced by adding structures that project a more contemporary image.

A bright, modern atrium

One of the most striking architectural features of the refurbished school is the large atrium that welcomes pupils, teachers and visitors. Its appearance is intended to create a fresh, modern feel, setting the tone for the institution. Plain, white walls, light-coloured wooden steps and pale marble flooring bring light into the large open space. The addition of a near-invisible glass stair balustrade and glass banister for the upper level completes the effect. It not only allows light to reach every corner of the atrium, but also makes for long sightlines, creating a sense of spaciousness.

A robust glass stair railing

The stair balustrade and banister not only contribute to the atmosphere of the school, but also help to ensure maximum safety. The atrium’s main staircase and mezzanine are often extremely busy areas that require fall protection engineered for maximum strength. The architects chose Q-railing’s ultra-robust Easy Glass 3kN glass stair railing for this demanding job. The stair balustrade and banister may have a minimalist, high-transparency look, but they are capable of resisting 3kN line loads, as the name suggests. This is an incredibly high safety level. For extra safety, elegant MOD 9350 stainless steel handrails were mounted onto the glass infills.

Installation is a breeze

Easy Glass 3kN also scores on ease of installation. No welding is necessary, and the unique Safety Wedge System included in the base shoe guarantees that glass mounting will be straightforward. Tri-Dev Ltd were able to install 120 metres of glass stair railing and banister in a convenient and cost-effective manner. A protective glass balustrade was also created outdoors, next to the sports field, using the same Easy Glass 3kN system. 

United Kingdom

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