Easy Glass Max


If you are looking for a balustrade system that can cope with line loads in excess of 5 kN/m, go with Easy Glass Max. It really is the strongman of the Easy Glass range. The aluminium base shoes are light but extremely strong and safe. That makes them ideal for public spaces such as stadiums, airports and shopping centres.

With a selection of 4 different base shoes (2 for top mount and 2 for fascia mount), you can always find the right solution for your project. All 4 base shoes install directly onto concrete, without the need for a steel construction. The special F and Y-shaped base shoes allow you to install a balustrade right on the edge of a concrete surface, for optimal use of space.

Mounting the Easy Glass Max base shoes could not be easier. The hexagon head anchors let you make minor adjustments during installation.

Designed for: Extremely heavy use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Varieties: Top mount, in-floor and fascia mount
Application: Stairs and balustrades
Material: Aluminium with stainless steel effect
Infill: Glass
Glass thickness: 19 – 31.52 mm
Features: ■  Able to cope with line loads in excess of 5 kN
  ■  For large public spaces with demanding safety requirements
  ■  Complies with worldwide safety and building regulations
  ■  Aluminium cladding with a stainless steel effect
  ■  Uses the Safety Wedge system for easy glass installation
  ■  Integrated water drainage
  ■  Complete your desired look by choosing from a range of handrails and cap rails in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes

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