Looking for a high-quality glass balustrade for a stairway, upper floor, terrace or balcony? An easy-to-install and safe balustrade with glass? Suitable for 2D and 3D bends as well as straight forms? At Q-railing, you will find more than 15 different glass balustrade systems to choose from. In fact, there is a perfect glazed balustrade for every budget and every type of installation: from a small family home to an international airport with stringent safety requirements. And if you order before 12 noon on work days, everything will be with you the next business day.

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An all- glass balustrade or glass railing, is a balustrade with glass infill. With this type it is the glass itself that is the load bearing part. If someone leans or bumps against the glass, it will absorb the force and prevent the person from falling. This is different from a balustrade with balusters and a glass infill, where it is the balusters that absorb the force.

Construction and types of glass balustrade

A glass balustrade from Q-railing usually consists of 3 sections. First, you mount the railing’s base shoe on top of a floor (top mount) or to its vertical fascia (facia mount). You then install glass infills into the base shoe. Lastly, you attach a topping (a cap rail or U-profile to the top of the glass or handrail resting on handrail brackets to the side of the glass). A topping is not always compulsory though. Check the regulations that apply in your country, to see whether you can opt for absolute minimalism and can do without a top rail.

Three types of glass railing bases are available from Q-railing: base shoes, base glass clamps and glass adapters. The type of base that you choose determines not only the look but also the strength of the end result.

Mounting with base shoes

Mounting with base
glass clamps

Mounting with
glass adapters

 A  Railing base
 B  Infill
 C  Cap rail/handrail

Easy assembly

With any of our glass balustrades, you can expect quality, safety and simple assembly. All our glass railings are designed to save you time during installation. After all, time is money. You can install our base shoes, glass clamps and glass adapters with minimal use of anchors or other fastenings and yet continue to enjoy maximum safety. The glass installs easily, and therefore quickly, thanks to our 2 innovative mounting technologies: the Safety Wedge System and the revolutionary new Q-disc System.

Clamp the glass with the Q-disc System

The Safety Wedge System and Q-disc System are designed to let you easily and securely clamp glass infills into the bases shoes of glass balustrades. The Q-disc System is particularly special. Launched in the Spring of 2018, it changed the world of glass railings overnight, providing a completely new way of clamping glass. It means that glass mounting can now be completed more quickly than ever before. Our Easy Glass Smart glass railing system is the first to be equipped with this feature.

Clamping glass in a glass balustrade with the Q-disc

Use the Q-disc System to clamp glass in a glass balustrade faster than ever before

 1  Put the inlay into the Easy Smart base shoe
 2  Position the glass panel
 3  Insert the Q-disc
 4  Connect the tool to the Q-disc and push it sideways to secure the infill

Glass for glass balustrades

In our range, you will find everything you need to build a complete glass balustrade. That includes glass infills, called Q-glass. Your installation setting and strength requirements will determine which type of glass you need.

For your convenience, you can order panels of laminated tempered glass (VSG – 2x ESG) with a thickness of 16.76 mm direct from stock. There is a choice of 10 widths and 3 heights. But if you need a different size, or if you have a special requirement such as processing or large quantities, contact us. We can assist with all kinds of glass, from 6 mm monolithic glass to 31.52 mm laminated tempered glass. Coloured glass and SentryGlas® are also among the options available to you.

Clamping glass in a glass balustrade with the Q-disc
Q-glass for your glass balustrade is available direct from stock. Always with smooth, arrised and polished edges and radius corners.

Glass balustrades with 100% safety

Glass may seem fragile, but it can actually be extremely strong. That is what makes it particularly suitable for use as a railing infill. Other factors that contribute to the strength of the structure include the method of mounting the glass in the base shoe and the addition of a cap rail or U-profile to the top of the glass. We continually test the safety of our products at our own test laboratory and through leading research institutions. Our glass railing systems have received multiple certifications and approvals. So, you can be confident that any glass balustrade supplied by us will fully comply with the most stringent national and international building regulations. Have a look at the test results and static calculations on our Service page.

Glass balustrade with safety certificates

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