The finishing touch to your stairs

Are you designing or building an attention-grabbing staircase? Or would you like to achieve the opposite and wish to create a staircase that blends seamlessly with its surroundings? Either way, the stair handrail or stair railing is just as important as the staircase itself. Choose from more than 4,000 handrails, handrail brackets, glass banisters and stainless steel balustrades to achieve the end result that you have in mind. Everything is available from stock, so it can be delivered quickly.

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The Building Code

The British Building Code states that every staircase that comprises 2 or more risers, 3 or more if situated in a residential building, must have a continuous stair handrail. Stairs less than 1 m wide require a railing on at least one side and those that are wider must have railings on both sides. The top of the handrail should be positioned between 90 and 100 cm from the pitch line or floor.

As soon as you start planning a stair handrail, you can choose between wood or stainless steel handrails. However, if it is a (semi) open staircase, it is advisable to place a complete stair railing on the open side for safety. In our assortment, you can find different handrails and full stair banisters in all shapes and sizes.

Stair handrail on the wall

Wall-mounted handrails can be fitted with banister brackets with flat wall connections. In our web shop and catalogue, you will find multiple varieties, differing in:

  • Material: Stainless steel 304 (for interior use) and stainless steel 316 (for exterior use)
  • Form: Round or angular
  • Wall connection: With or without rosette
  • Handrail connection:
    • For flat, square or round handrails
    • With adjustable saddle (for staircases) or fixed saddle (for horizontal applications)
    • To be fixed with either screws or welding

Complete stair banister

Do you need a complete stair banister, or a balustrade with a handrail? You will find more than 15 different systems and numerous individual products to choose from. Among them, you will find structural glass balustrades, but also baluster railings with an infill of glass, bars or mesh. Another special feature is our Easy Glass Wall system, a glass banister and wall all in one.

The system that fits your installation situation depends on the design you have in mind, and the location of your staircase. Stricter safety requirements are imposed for banisters in places such as busy shopping centres, stadiums and airports than in family homes.

Handrails for stair railings

In general, a stair railing should be topped with a handrail. For glass balustrades, you can go with a round or square U-profile tube or minimalist U-profile directly on top of the glass. Or, you may decide to mount a round or square stair handrail directly on the side of the glass infill using handrail brackets. The round versions are available in stainless steel and wood. If you choose a balustrade with balusters, you have the option of mounting a stair handrail on top of the balusters or – just like for a glass balustrade – with handrail fittings on the glass.

Lighted stair railing

Do you want a staircase with something extra? Create a stair handrail or railing with LED lighting. In our assortment you will find 2 different systems: Q-lights Spotlight (with LED spots) and Q-lights Linear Light (with linear LED strips). You can use both in wall-mounted handrails and stair banisters and install quickly and easily. We recommend that you always call for the assistance of an electrician during the installation. This assures safety and demonstrates that your system complies with construction regulations upon project delivery.

Curved handrail or stair railing

A curved handrail or railing is no problem either. If you wish, we can bend handrails and cap rails or even the aluminium base shoes of our Easy Glass balustrades for you without any problem, in 2D but also in 3D. But maybe you prefer a curved handrail made from wood. No problem! You can easily bend our special wooden Bendywood handrails by hand or with simple equipment in about 10 minutes, without using water, heat or chemicals.

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