EASY GLASS MOD 6100 - 6200


Looking for a glass railing solution that is completely different and minimalist? The sleek looks of the Easy Glass MOD 6100 and Easy Glass MOD 6200 base glass clamps give you a unique way to achieve a fully transparent view.

Whether your vision calls for a curved or an angular design, your glass panels will be supported not only securely, but also in style.  Easy Glass MOD 6100 is sleek and round, while Easy Glass MOD 6200 is characterised by sharp  lines and square forms. For the perfect finishing touch, be sure to use the corresponding base cover caps. Both base glass clamps can be installed with ease. Their design includes elongated apertures that greatly simplify the process.

Designed for: Light use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Varieties: Top mount
Application: Balustrades
Material: 316-grade stainless steel
Infill: Glass
Glass thickness: 12-17,52 mm
Features: ■ Available in round or square
  ■ Base cover caps available
  ■ Easy mounting thanks to elongated apertures
  ■ Complete your desired look by choosing from a range of handrails and cap rails in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes

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