Make a balcony or roof terrace safe and extra beautiful with a balcony railing design that fits your needs. Choose from glass balustrades, stainless steel railings or balcony balustrades with aluminium balusters.

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Raised areas accessible to people, such as balconies or roof-top terraces, require the installation of fall protection. This can be a wall, parapet, balustrade or any similar barrier with a minimum height of 110 cm. If you opt for a balustrade, you can decide whether you would like a structural glass balustrade or a railing supported by balusters.

Structural Glass balcony railings

Full glass balcony railings are one of the most popular options at the moment. These balustrade systems are mounted with base shoes, glass adapters or floor glass clamps on top of or against the fascia of a balcony floor. The infill is always glass and you can choose to cover the glass edge with a U-profile or U-profile tube. You can also add a round stainless steel or wooden handrail. You mount these with handrail brackets that go in between 2 glass panels or through the glass. A glass balustrade as a balcony fence has many benefits. The construction is very strong and transparent, which maintains a beautiful view. Want more privacy? Use coloured, patterned or frosted glass.

Balcony railing design

Balcony railings with balusters

If you choose to use balusters in a balcony railing, you can also achieve transparency. Simply combine stainless steel or aluminium baluster posts from our Q-line, Square Line or Duo Line series with a glass infill. You can fit the infills with glass clamps or spider glass adapters. But you can also opt for a different kind of infill, such as bars, cables or stainless steel web. This creates a modern industrial look and the result is very strong and safe.

Balcony railing with balusters

Juliet balcony railing

Inward-opening full-length windows on upper storeys also need fall protection. This type of balustrade is called a Juliet balcony. For private homes, their height must be at least 80 cm, and for apartment buildings, schools, offices and public buildings, at least 110 cm.

For Juliet balconies, glass is currently very popular as well. You can choose from a variety of mountings and styles. Easy Glass View, for example, has aluminium profiles that can be mounted on the facade, in the doorway or on the frame. These help to make the balcony railing virtually invisible. You can also create a comparable effect by attaching the glass infill of a Juliet balcony to the facade with Easy Glass MOD 0749 glass adapters.

If you want to emphasise eye-catching stainless steel, the Easy Glass MOD 6507-6508 system is the way to go.

Juliet balcony with glass balcony railing

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