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Easy Glass systems now available in BIM format

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Building Information Modelling, is increasingly used in projects, small and large, private and public. To make your life easier and to ensure that there is no barrier to using our products, Q-railing is now offering BIM object files for several of its Easy Glass balustrade systems. They can be downloaded from the website.

More and more projects are designed and project managed using BIM-oriented project planning. It is already widely practised in the US and becoming increasingly popular in the UK, the Netherlands and various Scandinavian countries. Other European markets are following suit.

The basics
Essentially, BIM is a shared database, used by everyone involved in a particular construction project. Each individual stores his or her own project information and requirements in this central repository. The database can then perform complex calculations based on the stored information, and produce a Building Information Model, which goes far beyond 3D visualisation. In addition to width, height and depth values, the model will contain many other pieces of critical information. That could include geographical data, required quantities and component properties including manufacturers’ details. The model can help to analyse spatial relationships and the fall of light. It can supply a project time frame and projected costs.

BIM objects
Before a particular building component can be included in a BIM, it has to be modelled as a BIM object. Q-railing has done that for its Easy Glass Slim, Easy Glass Pro and Easy Glass Max glass railing systems. Other systems will follow. The BIM objects are compatible with the most common modelling software, Revit and ArchiCAD, The BIM objects hold 3D modelling information, drawings and important product data. Frans Groeneweg, Senior Architectural Sales Manager at the Q-railing headquarters: “BIM objects allow architects and others to use manufacturer-specific building materials and components in their CAD system. Traditional architectural CAD systems already include generic windows, doors, furniture elements and other components. BIM objects are the means by which you can integrate any vendor-specific product information you may need.”

Take a look at Q-railing’s Easy Glass BIM objects or download them now.

Download BIM objects | Easy Glass Slim | Easy Glass Pro | Easy Glass Max