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Master Format specs for your railings now available

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Planning for a tested dry glaze glass railing system in your project? Save time— download the detailed technical specs.

Let Q-railing do the work for you! Visit our Service section to easily download the ready-to-use detailed MasterFormat specs for our glass railing systems. MasterFormat is used throughout the North American construction industry to format specifications for construction contract documents.

With these files, you can write the specs for your railing project in an instant. For U.S.-based projects in glazed decorative metal railings, simply copy and paste the CSI spec texts.  Working on a project in Canada? No problem! The CSC-format spec texts are available, too.

Speed up the building process
Even if you’re not an architect or designer yourself, the availability of these spec texts can help you speed up the planning and therefore the building process. Why? Because these texts simplify the job for the project’s architect. The sooner they have their specs ready, the quicker you can get to work.

Technical specs for the Easy Glass product line
Pre-written specs are now available for Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim and Easy Glass Max glass railing systems. These specs will help you specify the base shoe, glass panels and cap rail for your railing design.

Please keep an eye on our website, as spec texts for other members of the Easy Glass railing family, as well as for our post and clamp systems, will follow.

Download now!
Easily download the MasterFormat spec texts for Easy Glass Slim and Easy Glass Max systems within our Service section. If you need any assistance or advice, please feel free to contact one of our consultants at 714-259-1372 or

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