No handrail without handrail brackets, and again the Q-railing range gives you a huge selection. What are you looking for? Railing brackets for mounting on the glass of a glass balustrade, on the balusters of a stainless steel railing or for mounting a handrail directly to a wall?

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Whether you put up a handrail in a home or in front of a staircase or atrium in a large utility project, you will need handrail brackets to mount it. Railing brackets are, after all, the supports you use to attach a handrailing to a railing or a wall.

We have 3 types of handrail brackets:

Handrail brackets for baluster mounting
 Handrail brackets for mounting to glass
This type of railing bracket is suitable for both glass railings as well as railings with balusters and glass infills. You mount the fittings and handrail to the side of the glass. On the top edge of the glass, you could subsequently fit a cap rail or even more minimalist U-profile.

Clamp the railing brackets between 2 glass panels, or get pre-drilled glass and fasten the brackets through the glass.

Railing brackets for glass mounting are available for various distances between glass and handrail.

Handrail brackets for baluster mounting
2. Handrail brackets for mounting on balusters
If you want to install a baluster railing with glass or another infill on a balcony, stairs or on atrium levels, you can add a handrail by glueing railing brackets on top of the balusters or screwing them on sideways. This type of handrail bracket can be used on round as well as square balusters and handrailings.

Handrail brackets for wall mounting
3. Handrail brackets for wall mounting
Do you want just a handrail instead of a whole railing for extra support and safety, such as along a staircase? Fit a wall railing. Such a stair handrail is mounted directly to the wall by means of wall mounted handrail brackets. Railing supports for wall mounting are available for multiple tube diameters, with and without rosettes and for various distances between the wall and handrail.

Shapes and materials

Q-railing handrail brackets are available in round, square and rectangular formats. They are made from high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel. We recommend grade 304 for interior and grade 316 for exterior use. Would you prefer handrail supports with a polished stainless steel finish to a satined look? You will find these in our range as well.

Handrail brackets with and without a saddle

Handrail brackets with and without a saddle

For mounting the railing on a handrail bracket, you can choose between a bracket with or without a saddle. And if you choose the bracket with a saddle and the handrail must be inclined, as on a staircase, then you should pick a handrail support with an adjustable saddle. The angle of the saddle, and consequently of the handrail, is easy to adjust, while the bracket can be positioned visually correct against the wall.

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