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A Juliet balcony can set the style of a facade. So, having a wide choice is key to finding a match for your project. Our range includes more Juliet balcony solutions than you might think. Check out the options – including some unexpected ones!

Floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming more and more popular. Both residential and office environments are increasingly designed to benefit from maximum natural daylight. This type of window requires a Juliet balcony solution for safety – especially for fall protection.

Our product range offers complete Juliet balcony systems. That includes Easy Glass View with vertical window profiles and Easy Glass MOD 6507-6508 for horizontal and vertical fixing. But there are more options to choose from: you can also create a Juliet balcony with glass adapters, glass clamps, balusters and even base channels. Simply decide what best serves the style of your project.

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Our complete
Juliet balcony systems

Easy Glass View

The invisible Juliet balcony

This all-glass Juliet balcony features an ingenious profile. Easy Glass View can be attached to a facade, a window frame or reveals. Thanks to its click feature, you can mount the glass infills quickly and easily. Thoroughly tested and certified, View is suitable for private residences, apartment buildings and hotels.

System features:

  • Create spans of up to 2,800 mm
  • NEW: grey powder-coated profiles from stock (RAL 7016)
  • Powder coat to match any window frame or facade
  • Wall mount – to a facade, a frame or reveals
  • Work from inside the building when installing onto reveals


Our alternative
Juliet balcony systems

Easy Glass MOD 0749

The adjustable glass adapter

Ever thought of a glass adapter as a way of creating a Juliet balcony? Easy Glass MOD 0749 lets you do exactly that, with outstanding results. It is designed to make perfect positioning of the glass panels a cinch, as it features built-in adjustability. You can easily realign the panels at any stage in the installation process. There is also a choice of fixing options and clearances between the glass and the wall.

System features:

  • Adjust glass at any stage during installation
  • Available in 50, 60 or 70-mm diameters
  • Ideal when walls are not perfectly straight


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Easy Glass base channel

Create the widest of Juliet balconies

This is perhaps not the first Juliet balcony solution that springs to mind, but a base channel can create a striking impression, offering unrestricted views. It’s perfect for building facades where Juliets have to closely match balconies. A French balcony by means of a base channel profile always requires a custom solution. We are happy to discuss the options for your project with you.

  • Create wide Juliet balconies
  • Easy to mount and, if required, to align
  • Comes with the Q-disc System (fixed or adjustable) for easy glass mounting
  • Cladding and shoe shims available for levelling uneven surfaces



Glass clamp MOD 2300

A distinctive and minimalistic look 

When you think of glass clamps, you also automatically think of baluster posts. Right? Actually, that is just one way of using a glass clamp. There is another option: our MOD 2300 clamp can be used to create a stunning Juliet balcony by mounting it directly onto the wall or between reveals.

  • Mounting directly onto the wall
  • Comes with a security plate – no need to drill holes in the glass
  • For glass thicknesses of 19–21.52 mm



Baluster post systems

The most versatile of Juliet balconies

A posted balustrade is perfectly suitable for creating a Juliet balcony. You could go for sharp lines by using balusters with rectangular or square profiles, or alternatively create a softer effect with our round balusters. You also have multiple options when it comes to materials and finishes. Whatever style you have in mind, you will find a way of creating it here.

  • Combine with components from various Q-railing systems
  • A number of shapes and stainless-steel qualities available
  • Choose from a selection of infills: glass, bar or panel


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Extra security with a chest rail

With a chest rail you can quickly and easily create extra safety with opening windows. You simply choose the chest rail that best suits your project.

In brief:

  • Mount on the frame, in the reveal or on the facade
  • Extra security
  • Powder coating in any desired RAL colour



Want to customise?

In addition to our Juliet balcony product range, we offer various additional services and forms of customisation that can help to simplify or optimise your install: 

  • Powder coating
  • Cutting to size
  • Drilling
  • Sub constructions that accommodate different wall structures

Our consultants can provide support and advice for any Juliet balcony project, no matter what stage it is at. Simply let us know what you want to achieve and we will make it happen.


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