Villa Escarpa


Country Portugal
City Lagos
Architect Mário Martins Atelier
Installer Rodrigues & Almeida Lda.
Railing type Glass railings
Line/Series Easy Glass Slim
Application Balconies
Metres 200







Villa Escarpa, designed by renowned architect Mário Martins, is one of the most desirable residences in southern Portugal. A luxurious modern masterpiece in a picturesque coastal setting, it was completed in 2012 after a 5-year planning and construction phase. Every aspect of the design is intended to bring light and sea views into the building. That includes several all-glass balcony railings, created with Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim system.

Although Villa Escarpa is essentially a family home with 4 bedrooms and a basement, in architectural terms it is so much more than that. Many consider it a perfect example of the Bauhaus style. The exterior is all about simple forms and plain white surfaces. Thrusting out from a concrete platform, it almost seems to float. The interior is sublimely uncluttered. However, there is no sense of austerity, because the spaces are so varied. Some have spectacular views thanks to the extensive use of glass. But there are also intimate areas, like the small central courtyard. The kitchen and lounge are grouped around a pool, which reflects sunlight into the rooms, creating yet another atmosphere. The whole structure is wrapped around with terrace and balcony areas only separated from the interior by glass walls.

Balcony railings that allow light and views in
Villa Escarpa is situated on high ground above the coast, giving it panoramic views of the sea and surrounding countryside. When Mário Martins developed the architectural concept, he focused on making best use of this spectacular setting. Consequently, the villa includes high levels of transparency throughout. Walls dissolve and are replaced by huge panels of glass. In places, you can slide them aside, allowing movement between the rooms and a terrace or balcony. These outdoor spaces are, in turn, bounded by frameless glass balustrades. Created using Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim system, the all-glass balcony railings ensure stunning views and maximum light, both indoors and outdoors.

Ultimate quality for maximum safety
The interiors of Villa Escarpa bring together high-grade natural and manmade materials, creating a distinct sense of luxury. Moreover, the fixtures, appliances and technical installations are all of premium quality. In this setting, it was essential that the glass railings for the balcony and terrace areas were also top spec. Mário Martins went to great lengths to find a high-end balcony railing that would fit in with the villa’s chic, modernist look while delivering exceptional levels of safety. And, of course, it had to do so without inhibiting the views or the light. He found what he was looking for in Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim system. This incredible product allows you to create a frameless glass balustrade with a floor attachment that is ultra-low-profile. In spite of its svelte, minimalist look, Easy Glass Slim is incredibly robust – strong enough to resist a line load of 1 kN/m, in fact.

The project installer, Rodrigues Almeida, mounted a total of 200 metres of Q-railing’s Easy Glass Slim. In addition to the balcony railings, a glass balustrade was added at the top of the internal stairwell for safety purposes. As the installer discovered, the system comes with an innocative Safety Wedge System built in, which makes for quick and easy installation. 

Mário Martins Atelier

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