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Awarded Q-disc System
A revolutionary advancement in glass installation

Easy Glass Prime and Easy Glass Smart feature the adjustable Q-disc System. This is a one-of-a-kind mechanism to align and fix glass panels at top speed while significantly simplifying installation. This revolutionary advancement received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

How it works

The Q-disc System consists of only two components and one tool– an inlay, a Q-disc and the Q-disc tool. The disc fixes the glass panel, while the inlay holds the glass in place for quick and easy alignment within the base shoe. No force required: simply turn the Q-disc tool to fix each panel and align the glass with an easy sliding movement. Indicator points on the Q-disc System guide to you to the correct start and end positions, confirmed with a reassuring ‘click’.

Easy Glass Smart
Glass fixing only
Easy Glass Smart
Glass fixing and adjustment
Easy Glass Prime
Glass fixing and adjustment
Base channel variants
The right solution for your project

Whether you choose Easy Glass Smart or Easy Glass Prime, both systems are available in 4 types of base shoe. The F and Y-shaped profiles are specifically designed for unfinished floors, capable of installing the system at or even beyond the edge of a surface.

Top mount
Top mount F
Fascia mount
Fascia mount Y
Q-disc System
Assembly tips

Even for easy to install railings such as our Easy Glass Smart and Prime there are tricks to get them installed even faster. A few tips and tricks that can simplify things even further.

What if you can’t push a q-disc all the way down into the inlay?

No problem. Not being able to push a Q-disc all the way down into an inlay doesn't mean anything is broken. It can happen simply because of the properties of materials and how they interact under certain conditions. See how easily you can deal with this and still gets the job done quickly.

What if you can’t move an inlay to align the glass?

There are multiple reasons why it may seem impossible to slide an inlay for alignment purposes: uneven floors, varying temperatures, glass panel positioning and so on. But don‘t worry. There is an easy way round the problem.

How do you use the q-disc tool and torque wrench?

Using the Q-disc tool to set and align the glass is easy, and so is finalising glass fixation with the Q-disc tool and a torque wrench. But there are still some handy 'good to knows' that may help you speed things up even further.

How do you get the rubbers inserted as tightly as possible?

Having installed a beautiful glass railing, there is nothing more annoying than difficulties with getting the glass rubbers installed smooth and tight. A super simple trick that really makes this job easy!

Glass balustrades in action
Projects around the globe

Easy Glass Smart and Easy Glass Prime glass balustrades have already been installed in various projects. Let yourself be inspired. Discover what these glass railing systems can do for you!

Project: Adjustable glass balustrade on curved balconies
System: Easy Glass Prime
Country: United Kingdom
Saint Austell

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Project: Balcony railings for Linz apartments
System: Easy Glass Smart
Country: Austria
City: Linz

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Project: Glass juliet balconies and balustrades for 166 apartments
System: Easy Glass Smart / Easy Glass View
Country: Norway
City: Moss

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Project: Glass balustrades for walo's rooftop bar in Turku
System: Easy Glass Prime
Country: Finland 
City: Turku 

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Project: A juliet balcony plus glass balustrade for a better view
System: Easy Glass Smart / Easy Glass View
Country: Germany
City: Herdecke 

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Project: Sleek glass balustrades for a brand-new golf clubhouse
System: Easy Glass Smart
Country: Norway
City: Oslo

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Project: Qatar education city stadium in Doha
System: Easy Glass Smart
Country: Qatar
City: Doha

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Project: Glass balustrades for an infinity feel
System: Easy Glass Smart
Country: Netherlands
City: Rotterdam

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