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Easy Glass Smart and Easy Glass Prime are unlike any glass balustrade you have ever worked with. Featuring the revolutionary Q-disc System, they offer an entirely new way to mount and align glass – quicker and easier than ever before.

Even better is the fact that they overcome some of the most common mounting challenges you have to deal with on a daily basis.

Easy Glass Smart and Prime were designed with you and your work in mind. The challenges you face when installing glass railings – problems related to balustrade systems or construction issues – have been analysed and used to create these new-generation glass balustrades.

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Control anchoring costs and mounting time.

With the Smart and Prime systems, there is no need for countersunk anchors. Their base channels are suitable for a wide range of anchors, so you have plenty of choice and all floor types can be accommodated, including wood and steel. In addition, the bigger mounting holes in the base channels make tooling with a socket wrench and anchoring extremely easy.

Easily and safely place glass panels and cladding.

Smart and Prime top mount channels are symmetrical, so there is no danger of getting them the wrong way round. Also, their trims/intermediate rubbers ensure there is a gap between the panels during mounting; this will help to prevent breakage of glass while it is being manoeuvred.

If you are installing the Smart and Prime fascia mount profiles on a balcony, it is not necessary to use scaffolding. That is because all the mounting work for these systems can be carried out from inside the balcony – even attaching the cladding! In a further innovation, the cladding can be added as soon as the base channel has been attached to the floor. No need to wait for the glass installation to be completed.

Know instantly if your glass is seated correct or needs repositioning.

With these systems, mounting the glass could not be easier! Our Q-disc innovation gives you a clear indication, in the form of a ‘click’ sound, when the glass is correctly seated. So, there is no element of doubt. Plus, you can ensure satisfactory glass alignment at an early stage during installation, since two adjustment discs are inserted with each glass panel. That means alignment can take place immediately if necessary.

Deal with difficult surfaces.

It is easy to deal with challenging floor situations when you are installing Smart or Prime. For example, you can correct unevenness in the surface by using shoe shims. You can also use trims to cover up crevices. And if you need to install the railing beyond the edge of a floor surface, you can easily do so using the F- or Y-shaped base channels. So, no matter what your starting point is, you can always achieve a perfect end result.

Create a seamless connection with the floor in no time.

During many installations, much of your time is dedicated to filling gaps and ensuring a clean transition from the base channel to the floor. But that is no longer necessary! With our easy-to-install trims, you can conceal any gaps at the floor join, creating a nice, seamless effect. For added convenience, the trim/intermediate rubber keeps the trims in place for you during mounting.

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Easy Glass Smart

Easy Glass Smart is just what you need for balustrades in residential environments or other light to medium use projects such as bars and shops.

Easy Glass Prime

Go with Easy Glass Prime when you are looking for a glass balustrade suitable for medium use projects such as larger offices buildings or high-rise balconies.

Easy Glass Smart

Ideal for 
Balconies, landings and stairs in private residences, light commercial properties, shops

Glass fixing inlay
Fixed Q-disc System

Glass alignment
No, glass fixing only

Glass Thicknesses
12 - 21.52 mm

Top and fascia mount (incl. F and Y-shaped profiles)

Proven safety

Easy Glass Prime

Ideal for
Projects that require more sturdiness, such as balustrades, landings and stairs in larger offices, commercial and high-rise apartment buildings

Glass fixing inlay
Adjustable Q-disc System

Glass alignment
Up to 1.2° from the vertical

Glass Thicknesses
16.76 - 25.52 mm

Top and fascia mount (incl. F and Y-shaped profiles)

Proven safety

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Base channel variants
Which one will be yours?

Whether you choose to install Easy Glass Smart or Easy Glass Prime, both glass balustrade systems are available in 4 types of base channels. The F and Y-shaped ones are specifically designed for unfinished floors and to install at or even beyond the edge of a surface.

Top mount
cs AT-EN (33a) top F
Top mount F
Fascia mount
Fascia mount Y
Find out more about Q-disc?

Easy Glass Smart and Easy Glass Prime both feature the Q-disc System. Find out all the details on this revolutionary glass installation system.

More about Q-disc

Interested in Smart or Prime?

You will find information about all these benefits, plus details of how to order the systems, in the brochure for Smart and Prime. If you have any questions or want to place an order, please call or email us and we will be happy to help.

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Glass balustrades in action
Projects around the globe

Curious to see what Smart or Prime can look like in your project? Check out these completed projects as inspiration.

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