Easy Alu


The Easy Alu system from Q-railing offers superb quality but also superb pricing! Nobody wants to compromise on quality or design, even if they have a limited budget and challenging deadlines. Thanks to this amazing aluminium railing, you no longer have to.

Easy Alu lets you create a railing with balusters and handrails in robust high-grade aluminium. Its stylish modern design is stripped down yet more than strong enough for a landing or balcony railing.

Aluminium railing pre-assembly

Construction sites are busy places, with the various trades and contractors working to a tight schedule. To help you get in and out in the time allotted to you, Q-railing designed Easy Alu so that you can pre-assemble balustrade modules in your own workshop. Those ready-to-use sections are then super easy and super-fast to install on site.

Glass Wing rubbers

The Easy Alu balustrade system makes mounting glass infills very straightforward. That is thanks to its Glass Wing rubbers. They are easy to place in the profiles and allow you to insert the glass with hardly any pressure.

Levelling block for uneven floors

If you need to install an aluminium railing on an uneven floor, Easy Alu will certainly make your life easier. Its levelling blocks completely eliminate the need for shimming. Simply add these small blocks to the underside of your balusters’ base flanges. You will then be able to adjust the vertical alignment of each railing module with ease – even after placing the anchors.

Designed for:   Light and medium use
Use:   Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for:   Top and fascia mounting
Applications:   Balustrades
Material:   Aluminium (mill finished, powder coated or anodised and brushed) 
Infill:   Glass only or glass with aluminium mid-rails
Glass thickness: 8-10.76 mm
Features:  Attractively priced
  Powder-coating,  default colour is anthracite grey (RAL 7016)
  Easily pre-assemble components into railing sections off-site
  A template that helps you drill into posts at exactly the right points
  Glass Wing rubbers allow insertion of glass infill with hardly any pressure
  Levelling blocks for easy alignment of posts on uneven floors

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