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Easy Alu isn't just any aluminum railing. Of course, it offers you the usual benefits of an aluminum system, such as attractive pricing and lightweight components that make it easy to maneuver while you are installing it, but there is so much more to this system.

Minimalist aluminum railing

With Easy Alu, you can easily create a modern, safe railing. Despite its stripped-down looks, the system is more than strong enough to provide a robust terrace or balcony railing. As you would expect of a Q-railing railing, all Easy Alu components are made of high-grade materials and finished to perfection. You can order the aluminum parts with a brushed anodized finish, a mill finish or powder-coated. With the latter, you can go for black (RAL 9005), which is the standard Easy Alu powder-coating, or opt for a bespoke look by choosing any other RAL color.

Highly customizable railing system

It is not just the color of Easy Alu that can be adapted to your needs and tastes. In fact, you have the freedom to customize just about any aspect of this surprising aluminum railing system. The level of individuality you require will determine which of our ordering options is most appropriate for you:

1. Ready-to-install modules
With this ordering option, you tell us your project requirements and we supply ready-to-install Easy Alu modules that are exactly as specified. We do all the necessary prefabrication for you, plus the entire preassembly process. You receive complete railing sections that are totally custom made, plus matching handrails. All you need to do then is anchor the modules of the aluminum railing to the floor and click the handrails on top.

2. Prefabricated components
If you are looking for a high level of convenience, ordering prefabricated components is for you. Give us your project requirements and let us do all the preparatory work for you. You will receive components cut, drilled and – if you wish – powder-coated exactly as requested. Simply preassemble them into aluminum railing modules in your own workshop and take them to the construction site. There, you will anchor them to the floor and click the handrails on top. That’s it – railing done.

3. Standard individual components
Ordering individual components for Easy Alu directly from stock is also possible. With this option, the components of the aluminum railing come in standard sizes and finishes but offer the same high quality. The main difference is the amount of work you need to do yourself. It will be up to you to cut, drill and/or powder-coat the components, preassemble them into complete railing modules in your own workshop and install the modules on site.

Glass infills installed easily

The Easy Alu system has a number of smart features that provide extra convenience during both the preassembly process and the actual installation. One of them is the Glass Wing rubber. While many common glass rubbers for glass railings tend to close up as soon as they are positioned, which makes it difficult to get the glass in, Glass Wing conveniently stays open – that is, until the glass goes in. As soon as the glass infill is inserted, the rubber hugs it. This means you can install the glass quickly and with hardly any pressure but still achieve an ultra-safe end result.

Easy alignment of railing modules

Floors are hardly ever perfectly even, but that is not a problem when you are installing an Easy Alu aluminum railing. With each top-mount baluster base flange, we supply a small leveling block. Simply insert it under the flange and use it to adjust the alignment of the railing module in relation to vertical. It is easy to do and removes the need for shimming.

Designed for:   Residential and commercial use
Suitable for:   Top and fascia mounting
Applications:   Horizontally positioned railings
Material:   Aluminum – brushed anodized, mill finished or powder-coated
Infill:   All glass or glass with mid-rail
Glass thickness:   3/8” and 5/16”
Features:  Attractively priced
  Convenient ordering options: ready-to-install railing modules, prefabricated components or standard individual components
  Simply preassemble the components into ready-to-install modules in your own workshop then anchor them on site
  Easy Alu’s default powder-coating is black (RAL 9005, matte textured) but you can customize the look by choosing any other RAL color
  Glass mounting is nearly effortless with the unique Glass Wing rubber
  Deal with uneven floors by using our small leveling blocks to align top-mounted railing modules

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