Easy Glass Smart


This is a top-quality glass railing system that can actually save you money. Its aluminum base shoe may look like the standard linear-positioned thing found in other glass railings, but in fact it includes a revolutionary feature for installing glass panels, the winner of a Red Dot Design Award: Q-disc System. As a result, it lets you work faster and more easily than any other glass railing.

Glass railing variants

You can order the Easy Glass Smart all-glass railing with 4 different types of base shoe: top mounted, F-shaped top mounted, fascia mounted and Y-shaped fascia mounted. All work with the adjustable Q-disc System for glass infill installation. This gives you everything you need for easy installation of the base shoe and glass, but also makes it possible to align each individual glass panel by up to 0.6 degrees from the vertical.

Glass thicknesses

Easy Glass Smart combined with the adjustable Q-disc System is suitable for glass thicknesses of 1/2" to 11/16” (12 to 17.52 mm). If you want a glass railing in which the glass is thicker but can still be aligned, you need our Easy Glass Prime glass railing system, which also uses the adjustable Q-disc System. This is suitable for glass thicknesses of 3/4" to 1” (16.76 to 25.52 mm).

Use the glass guide to install large glass panels hassl-free. With this clever installation aid, you can insert the glass easily into the base shoes without anything getting stuck or out of place

LED-lit glass railings

One way to give your Easy Glass Smart glass railing a different style or extra safety would be to add an LED-lit handrail. Our Q-lights range offers solutions for handrails with spotlights (Q-lights Spotlight) as well as linear LED strips (Q-lights Linear Light).

Designed for:   Light and medium use
Use:   Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for:   Top and fascia mounting
Applications:   Stairs and balustrades
Material:   Brushed anodized or mill-finished aluminum
Infill:   Glass
Glass thickness:   1/2"- 11/16” (12 – 17.52 mm)
Top finish:   All Q-railing glass-mounted handrails, cap rails, U-profiles and edge protection


Symmetrical top-mount base shoe

  F and Y-shaped base shoes for unfinished floors and for installing at or beyond the edge of a surface
  Minimal use of anchors in base shoe installation
  A choice of base shoe fixing methods, including cost-effective alternatives)
  Optional cladding and shoe shims for levelling uneven surfaces
  Adjustable Q-disc System for easy glass mounting and alignment by up to 0.6 degrees from the vertical
  Certificate details available below; detailed testing reports and calculations available on request

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