Q-lights Linear Light

Enhance your railings with Q-lights Linear Light. This linear LED system improves safety while creating an uninterrupted linear flow of beautiful ambient light on handrails and cap rails.
Numerous effects are possible, including the warmth of warm white light and the brightness of cool white light. Also available: transparent or frosted covers and positioning either in front of or behind the railing’s glass. The strips can be dimmed with the specified transformer.
Pre-wired, with no visible cables to mar the look, Q-lights creates a beautiful homogenous light. Of course, it also greatly enhances user safety at night. What a great way to create a railing that leads users safely on their way when it’s dark.

Designed for: Light to medium use
Use: Indoor (IP20 and IP67) and outdoor (IP67)
Varieties: Warm white light or cold white light
Application: Stairs, balustrades and wall railings
Features: ■ LED strips for continuous lighting
  ■ High-grade plastic profiles (transparent or frosted) cover the LED strips and prevent dazzle
  ■ Pre-wired to eliminate visible cables
  ■ Cap rail system turns a standard cap rail into a lighted cap rail
  ■ Mounting on glass with the fitting rubber
  ■ Specially designed Linear Light cap rail, it lets you adjust the LED strip so that it shines either in front of or behind the glass
  ■ Suitable for retrofitting as part of a renovation 



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