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Light is a multipurpose solution. Install it in a railing or handrail and you not only create a different atmosphere but also add safety. Use an LED solution from our Q-lights Linear Light range and you are also assured of easy mounting, flexible options and top quality.

Q-lights Linear Light is an all-encompassing range of products for lighted railings and LED handrails. You can choose from a variety of solutions for creating an LED handrail mounted to a wall or glass panel with handrail brackets. Alternatively, choose from our selection of lighted cap rails that you position directly on top of the glass. We have everything you need, from LED strips and cables to tubes and handrail brackets with cable duct. 

Easy assembly
Installing LED in a railing or handrail really doesn't have to be difficult. Connecting our transformers to the mains is one thing that does require a qualified electrician, but you can easily install the rest of our Q-lights Linear Light range yourself. You will receive a clearly written manual, and our practical assembly videos show you how easy it is to click the LED strips into the tubes and hide both the strips and cables from view.

Always find a match for your railing
Q-lights Linear Light LED strips are available in lengths of 29.5 to 98.4 feet (9 to 30 meters), pre-wired on one side. You also only need a small number of transformers to make your LED handrail or railing work. However, this does not affect the light output of the LED strips in any way. They have a high light density and shine equally brightly along their full length.

You can easily shorten the Q-lights LED strips so that they perfectly match the length of your railing. It is possible to cut the strips at nearly any point. If you need more length than a single strip provides, simply join LED strips together with the connectors provided. Q-lights connection cables allow connection to the mains and to other components.

Smart home
It is possible to connect your LED handrail or stair railing to a DALI light control system and to smart-home solutions. Q-lights Linear Light is compatible with nearly all such systems, including wireless ones, allowing you to adjust everything to your liking, including time slots, dimming and RGB colours (on request). And if there is a feature you need that is not in our standard range, we can custom implement it for you.

High-grade safe LED handrails
Q-lights Linear Light LED for railings and stairs is available both for indoor (IP00 and IP20) and outdoor (IP66) applications. In addition, the 98.4 feet-long LED strips (30 meters” and matching transformers are compliant with Emergency Class II.

Technical advice
Not sure how many transformers you need for an LED handrail or where best to place them? We are happy to help you out with technical advice. For larger projects, you can also send us your project plans so that we can indicate the positioning of the transformers for you. Furthermore, we provide you with .ies and .ldt files for the whole thing.

Designed for: Residential to public use
Use: Indoor (IP00 and IP20) and outdoor (IP66)
Varieties: Warm and cold white light
Application: Stairs, railings, Juliet balconies and wall-mounted handrails
Material: Handrail parts in high-quality aluminum (brushed anodized) and 304- or 316-grade stainless steel
Features: ■ Cap rails to place on top of the glass as an LED handrail or to connect to handrail brackets for mounting sideways onto a wall or glass
  ■ Pre-cabled products – all cables can be completely concealed
  ■ Available LED strips: 29.52 and 32.8 feet (9 and 10 meter) with 24V and up to 42.7 LED per feet, and 98.4 feet (30 meters) with 48V and 25.6 LED per feet
  ■ Compatible with DALI light control and nearly all smart-home systems
  ■ When using a cap rail on the top edge of a glass panel, you can choose to let the light shine in front of or behind the glass
  ■ Shield LED strips and prevent glare with clear or matt plastic cover profiles
  The 98.4 feet-long LED strips (30 meters) are comliant with Emergency Class II
  ■ 5-year warranty
  ■ .ies and .ldt files on request

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